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Skin packaging

Vacuum skin packaging is used to seal the product over its entire surface on a shape-retaining lower web or a ready-made tray using a special skin film.
High-quality products, such as premium or organic meat, are increasingly offered in skin packaging, because the quality of the meat can be improved: under vacuum it will mature better, remain beautifully tender and stay fresh longer. 
Due to the vacuum, at least two days of extra shelf life are achieved, which is considerable for meat.
However maximum shelf life can only be achieved with an optimal cooling chain. To keep this under control, we own a fleet of refrigerated vehicles that drive all over the South on a daily basis to provide fresh products to catering businesses. This is cost-intensive, but product quality is our principal asset and main commitment to all of our customers.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging

A blend of gases — carbon dioxide, oxygen, and nitrogen — help preserve packaged food by reducing the amount of oxygen inside the sealed package. Gas flushing or Modified Atmosphere Packaging, as the process is called, also reduces the amount of processing that food must undergo.

This preserves the quality and nutrient content of meats. By introducing nitrogen into the package, facilities strive to lower oxygen levels, sometimes as far as zero. With no oxygen inside the package, bacteria will be unable to grow and the food will not oxidize. Carbon dioxide also inhibits bacteria growth and lowers the pH of preserved food. Carbon monoxide preserves the red color of the meat.

Vacuum Pack

Studies have shown that vacuum packaging can increase product shelf life from 50%-400% eliminating the need for chemical preservatives. It is the ideal packaging for products going into long term freezer storage offering protection from burning as well as maximising the use of space.

“`Partnering with you on delivering quality to your customers“`

Portion control provides you with consistency, and consistency would seem to result in standards that your customers would appreciate, as well as food costs that always meet your budget.
We all know that portion and quality control are critical to any restaurant operation, but proper control requires a lot of thought as to how it is accomplished.
*How much labor goes into the portioning of all these products?
*Is your executive chef doing the portioning? 
*If not, how consistent are the weights of the portions? *Is the scale accurate?
*Are the dates on the portion bags accurate and what is the shelf life?

*We will do all of this for you!*

Let us know your preferred format and we will produce a bespoke solution to save your company time and money.

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