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Our products can be traced throughout the entire process from the source, to the point of delivery to the customer. This provides assurance to all our customers that they can purchase our products with confidence. From a selection of beef, lamb, pork, poultry or others, our experienced butchers can provide your exact requirements. We pride ourselves on providing excellent service and quality products.



At Enterprise Catering we pride ourselves on our levels of product quality whilst maintaining the highest food safety standards. We achieve this by in house testing, packaging, labelling, storage and distribution. This gives our customers confidence and piece of mind from ordering our products to receiving their delivery.

We are proud to be able to provide our customers with a range of packaging solutions and we can produce a bespoke solution to save each customer time and money.


Vacuum skin packaging

Is used to seal the product over its entire surface on a ready made tray using a special skin film. High quality products are often skin packed because the quality of the meat can be improved as under vacuum it will mature better, remain beautifully tender and stay fresh for longer.

Due to the vacuum, at least two days extra shelf life is achieved, which is considerable for meat produce. However maximum shelf life can only be achieved with an optimal cooling chain. To keep this under control we own a fleet of refrigerated vehicles that drive all over the South of England on a daily basis to provide fresh products to catering businesses.

Vacuum Packing

Is used to increase product shelf life eliminating the need for chemical preservatives. It is the ideal packaging for products going into long term freezer storage offering protection from burning as well as maximising the use of freezer space.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Is used to help preserve packaged food by reducing the amount of oxygen inside the sealed package using a blend of gases, carbon dioxide, oxygen and nitrogen.

These gases preserve the quality and nutrient content of the meat. By introducing nitrogen into the package the facilities strive to lower oxygen levels, sometimes as far as zero. With no oxygen inside the package, bacteria will be unable to grow and the food will not oxidize. Carbon monoxide preserves the red colour of the meat.

Portion Control

We understand how critical portion control is to any catering operation as it provides you with consistency which results in standards that your customers would appreciate as well as food costs that always meet your budget.

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